Galvanized Steel Wire Strands


1. Galvanized Steel Wire Strand for ground Wires, Steel core for ACSR, Stay Wires, Guy wires. Etc.
2. The applicable standard is ASTM, BS, DIN, JISG, GB etc3. The range of diameter is 3.0mm—13.0mm.

Aerial earth wire for BS 183, ASTM IEC 888 1 x 7, 1 x 19 and 1 x 37

  • As overhead ground (or static) wire for protection against lighting
  • 1 x 7 construction strand with grade A galvanization and with group one tensilestrength is mostly used for this applicationStrand is installed at the top of steel tower and functions as a ground (earth) wireto protect the Aluminum Conductor with Steel reinforced (ACSR) from lightening
  • With its normal lifespan of 20 to 30 years, thick Galvanized layer better than orequivalent to that of galvanized strand for ACSR is recommended
  • For Telecommunication cable (Self-Supporting type)
  • Used to support self-supporting (SS) telecommunication cable, which has replaced obsolete lead-plated cables
  • 1x7 strands with group one tensile strength and Grade A Galvanization are widely used for this application
  • The  Telecom  cable  and  Galvanized  Strands  are  coated  together  with  apoly-ethylene insulation
  • As messenger wire to support utility lines
  • Used at train railroad, streetcar line and subway railroad, either 1 x 7 or 1 x 19construction strands are used
  • As guying wire (for poles and towers)
  • Used as guying wire for various poles, towers for power and Telecom Cables, theIndustry is moving towards using higher strength strands with better corrosion protection for this application
  • For ACSR (Aluminum Conductor Steel reinforced)
  • Used to supports ACSR cable as the core strength member, for power cables with above 60kV capacity, ACSR is widely used in replacement of hard cu-strand
    conductors, in comparison with hard Cu cables, ACSR weighs 20% less with 1.7
    times increase in strength so that the interval between power transmission towers
    can be doubled
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