Spiral Ribbed Pre-Stressed Concrete Steel Wire


Helical ribbed PC strand wire has on the surface 3-6 consecutive convex-shaped ribs. The advantage is that it can strengthen the bond between wire and concrete, thus improves the performance of the PC products and extends its life.


GB/T5223-2002, ASTMA421, ASTMA648, BS5896-80, JISG3536 or according to customers’ requirements.

Diameter: 4.0mm - 12.0mm

Tensile strength

1, 470 - 1, 860MPa Application: For high ways, Bridges, Airports, Building Construction, Water Conservancy Projects, Railway Sleepers, Tunnels. Packing: Lining is water-proofplastic, outer layer is polypropylene woven bag in coil or according to customers' requirements. 

Spiral ribbed PC steel wire:Key parameter & reference standards of PC wire with spiral ribs:

Spiral ribbed PC wire has a wide range of use, such as bridges, subway, railway sleepers, poles, dams, nuclear power plants, high-rise buildings and houses, etc.