Electrical Galvanized PC Wire


Size: 4.00mm-7.50mm
Tensile strength: 1370-1860MPA

Standard: GB/T5223-2002, ASTMA421, ASTMA648, BS5896-80, JISG3536 or according to customers' requirements.
Low-relaxation 1000hrs test passed

Application: Non-Concrete used in mining, Cable support .plug-ins such as cable-stayed and highways barriers.
Packing: Lining is water-proof plastic, outer layer is polypropylene woven bag on wood pallet or wood spool and according to customers' requirements.

A Large difference in coating thickness: Electricity Galvanized Coating
Thickness overage in 70- 150g/㎡,Hot Zinc coating thickness is generally about 300 g/ ㎡.
B) Electricity Galvanized has better bonding and surface condition.
C) Electricity Galvanized by erosion lower