Galvanized Steel Wire for ACSR

The Galvanized Steel Wire is used for the cord of ACSR(Aluminum Conductor Steel Reinforced) Cable.

Technical Data:
Sizes: 0.3mm to 4.77mm(For single wire) Stranded Wire structure:
1)7 Wires: Overall diameter from 0.9mm to 13.5mm 2)19 Wires: Overall diameter from 1.5mm to 12mm

ASTM B498M-98 ( 2002 ) , ASTM A475-98, BS4565-1990, BS183, BS443, BS215-part 2, BS EN 50189, BS EN 10244-2 and any other international standards
Typical specification:



In Coil, on wooden drum/reel, Z2 packing or any other packing according to customer's requirements.